Pastor's daughter caught pants down with married lover


Daughter to pastor at Living to Praise Assembly of the Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe (AFM), Helen Derera was allegedly caught red-handed while having sex with her married lover at her mother-in-law's residence.
Derera stays with her in-laws.
It is alleged the cleric's daughter and her cheating lover were busted by the man's wife.
The cheating hubby and his wife are tenants at the same house.
It is alleged that around 11pm the unnamed man reportedly went out to relieve himself and his wife followed him outside after she had noticed that he had taken too long to return.
She reportedly went out to investigate and to her shock found her husband engaging in sex with the landlady's daughter-in-law near the toilet.
Sources say the man fled from the scene, leaving Derera at the mercy of his fuming wife.
The melee prompted neighbours to wake up and intervene, allowing Derera to slip back into her mother-in-law's house where she threatened to commit suicide.
According to a neighbour, the illicit affair had been going on for some time.
The pastor's daughter is alleged to have been previously caught numerous times being intimate with different men bringing shame to her family.
"She is a disgrace to her entire family being a pastor's daughter. This is not the first time she has been caught in a compromising position. She was busted being intimate with a butcher blockman and was again caught red-handed with Bhasopo as well as Trust," said a source.
There was drama as hordes of people swarmed the place demanding to mete instant justice on the infidel Derera.
Derera's cleric father and mother reside at the AFM Church premises which are a stone's throw away from the incident scene.
The busted man's wife refused to entertain questions from this reporter and referred him to her hubby who hadn't returned when this news crew arrived at the scene.
Derera refuted claims that she was having an affair with the man whom she refused to identify, but alleged she was a victim of attempted rape. Asked why she did not cry for help, Derera was evasive.
Meanwhile, Helen's husband who is a former drummer in the AFM Church, Carlos Dongo, who works in South Africa, has reportedly stood by his wife and has allegedly, through the phone, instructed his wife to report an attempted rape report to the police.
Derera had not filed any police report by the time of writing.TOP NEWS

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