RBZ pumps $300m new bond notes into ailing economy

​The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe will in the next fortnight inject US$300 million under the Export Incentive Facility to stimulate production and ease cash shortages.
RBZ Governor, Dr Mangudya said the US$300 million facility will be released as soon as the present US$200 million bond note-linked regime expires. This will bring the bond notes in circulation to US$500 million, all supported by Afrexim Bank.
He said, "The new export incentive will be a continuation as there shall be no gap to say we wait for days to release the new bonus incentives."
Dr Mangudya explained that there was a difference between cash and foreign currency shortages arguing that there was about US$2 billion in the banking system. The RBZ chief said the export incentives would spur production and foreign currency generation.
He dismissed claims that the new export incentive was a way of bringing back the Zimbabwe dollar through the back door. In addition to the Standby Liquidity Support Facility, Afrexim Bank has also availed an enhanced nostro stabilisation facility of US$600 million.-Business Desk-BUSINESS

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