Chivayo lampooned over Mujuru gyrating video

​Wicknell Chivayo

A sensational video posted on social media platforms of former Vice President Joice Mujuru performing raunchy dances has gone rival, prompting her loyal supporters to spring to their leader's defence, arguing there is nothing sinister about dancing after all.
Controversial businessman Wicknell Chivayo, a known Zanu PF sympathiser and benefactor, sparked furore following his Facebook comments over the video. Mujuru, who now leads the opposition National People's Party (NPP), is seen gyrating to blurring music whilst in the company of fellow women at a supposed women elections convergence event held in Harare recently.
Chivayo, comenting on the video, ridicules Mujuru suggesting her public display was 'unpresidential' and disqualified her to hold the country's top office.
This elicited angry reactions from Mujuru supporters, with NPP national women's league chairperson, Marian Chombo , among other loyalists, coming out guns blazing.
Wrote Marian, estranged wife of newly-appointed Finance minister Ignatius Chombo, " Let's be realistic nothing offensive about the dance. You are just going overboard about nothing. It was a women's affair. Everything there was legit kwete zvenyu zve(not your) fake money. Pindaka mupolitics (get into politics) then we deal with you fairly and squarely. Kwawaakutambira kuno nyudza (you're now treading in deep waters). Don't tamper with women's affair iri harisi Dept renyu (this is not your department)Mr Newlywed. Kutishaisa nguva yekuno  (Don't deny us time to) register to vote."
James Mabhegi Munemo posted, "Who are you to say she's not presidential material, let the people decide. You are not a tender material because of your criminal record but who has judged you? Honestly, how can you judge someone by her dance moves. That's so lame."
Peter Ruredzo posted, "Now that's presidential quality. Someone who can have fun. Remember baba Chatunga (President Robert Mugabe) can't even sing or dance or watch soccer, now that's bad quality (sic)."
Another sympathiser, Mary Ndarema said, "Vamwe zvavasisagone kumira nekutamba woti vese here, apa washaya (There are others who can't stand, let alone dance and you think all are like that. You've lost it) you must consider losing weight, I see its affecting your brains now."
Tafadzwa Mafume angrily chided Chivhayo for his deafening silence when the First Lady Grace Mugabe is captured on camera dancing at public events.
 "Grace akabuda achitamba (came out dancing) kuDanhiko barely a month ago and you were too frightened to comment. You are a pathetic bootlicker Chivhayo. Leave JTM alone she is a free human being who is entitled to having fun. Plz Chivhayo enda kuGym zidumbu raakukutadzisa kufunga (please go the gym, your bulging stomach is disturbing your mental faculties)."
Tholakele Ruteno Ngcobo posted her comment, " Zuma dances and sings at the same time. iwe nekufuta kwako kunosemesa maybe haugoni nekutamba (maybe you can't dance due to your ugly obesity) long live Mother."
Nigel Chisango wrote, "Family time is the most treasured asset on earth....If you don't enjoy with family then where & who wud u njoy yo tym (would you enjoy time) with?"
"If I were you I would learn from her, kufuta kwako (your obesity) makes me wonder if you really can even see what your p…s (vulgar word) is like…," wrote Tanyaradzwa Chikove.
Rodrick Ngwende posted, "What's wrong with her dancing, is it like a President is not supposed to dance ,just asking?"
Watch the video on Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyJvrjdNu3o. TOP NEWS

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