National FM fan club donates wheelchair, groceries

Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation's National FM listeners joined hands in extending a benevolent gesture by donating a wheelchair and foodstuffs to a 23-year-old epileptic and disabled orphan in Banket recently.
The listeners, who are members of ZBC's fan club, contributed various amounts they used to buy a wheelchair and some groceries that they donated to Gerald Sendedza, who is also epileptic.
Sendedza was abandoned by his biological mother soon after birth after realising her new-born baby was disabled. He was raised by his father who died two years ago and was left in the care of his widowed paternal grandmother.
Handing over the donation during the fan club's get-together function held in Banket, Clifford Baloyi, senior executive producer at the popular National FM, said the station collaborated with its listeners to give back to communities.
'"We are joining hands with our listeners in helping communities as we want the radio station to continue to be connected to its listeners.
"The economy is not doing well but by pulling together the little resources we have we can help one or two people and bring cheers on their faces, just as they enjoy our radio programmes," said Baloyi.
Appreciating the gesture on behalf of the family, Ottilia Sendedza, grandmother to Gerald, said she was overwhelmed by the support they had received from National FM listeners.
"I am humbled and gratified by the timely help you have extended, I want to thank everyone who contributed to this initiative towards my grandson," she said.
Washington Marumira, affectionately known as 'Bozhongore' and a correspondent with National FM, said the corporate social responsibility enabled visibility of the radio station in communities to rubberstamp its tag as "the people's station of choice."
The event turned emotional as disadvantaged needy individuals thronged and pleaded for financial and material support as others thought the function was meant to support all disabled persons in the town. LOCAL  

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