​Marian Chombo
…As her return sparks anxiety in Zvimba North
Marian Chombo, estranged wife of former Home Affairs minister Ignatius Chombo, alleges she was kicked-out of Zanu PF at the behest of ex-president Robert Mugabe and never quit voluntarily.
She hit out at Mugabe for unashamedly ganging up with her ex-husband to hound her out of the revolutionary party. Ignatius, alongside other G40 kingpins who included ex-ministers Saviour Kasukuwere, Jonathan Moyo and Patrick Zhuwawo, were later expelled from Zanu PF at the height of the cleansing of remnants of the divisive cabal accused of State capture.
Marian, who was recently readmitted into Zanu PF, told this newspaper she was happy to be back in the party.
In an interview at Chikeya in Zvimba, Marian said she was relieved to have been readmitted as her roots were founded in Zanu PF, a party through which she contributed to the country's liberation struggle as a war collaborator, and was ready to serve in any post.
"Firstly, I am happy that I am back in the party. However, I want to state that I never left Zanu PF on my own volition but I was pushed out by former President Mugabe. I'm sure everyone heard Mugabe saying it out during a rally in Chinhoyi and that's when I joined Joice Mujuru (of the Zimbabwe People First then) since we shared liberation history, but my heart was always with Zanu PF," said Marian.
 Quizzed if she was eyeing any seat in the forthcoming general elections, the computer engineer-turned-politician said she was ready to serve the party in any capacity that helps uplift the people's welfare.
"I think the people at the grassroots are better positioned to decide if I should serve them at any level they see fit. I am ready to serve in any position if the people choose that I serve them. Remember our president (Emmerson Mnangagwa) believes that the people's voice is the voice of God. It is the ordinary person who will decide who they choose to lead them," said Marian, a firm favourite politician in Zvimba North where she used Ignatius' influence and wealth to make in-roads through philanthropic work.
She further elaborated, "Right now I am not worried about having a position as that is for the people to decide. My focus right now is that we unite the party and join hands in campaigning for our president so that he wins the 2018 elections resoundingly so he can continue to open up our country for economic growth."
In the 2013 polls, Marian contested in Zvimba North constituency against her former husband in Zanu PF primaries before she was expelled for defying a directive to abstain from running. She then stood on a People First ticket and narrowly lost, amid claims of vote-rigging and intimidation by her then powerful ex-husband when it seemed highly likely she would romp to victory.
Marian's return into the Zanu PF fold has heightened speculation she could run for MP and scuttle the hopes of other aspiring candidates vying for the seat left vacant following Ignatius' recent expulsion from the party.
Jostling has kicked off with fierce contenders in the likes of Idah Kamushinda, Theresa Xhochiwe Maburutse, former Mashonaland West provincial administrator Christopher Shumba (now principal director in the Local Government ministry), Dolly Tamanikwa and youthful Goodluck Mbiri. TOP NEWS.
​A scene during the November military intervention in Zimbabwe

Zimbabweans from the political divide do not want the country to come under military rule, but have expressed confidence in the army's diligence in executing military duties as enshrined in the Constitution, a recent survey has indicated.
Effectively, citizens are saying soldiers must stay in the barracks.
Results of a recent study by Afrobarometre released on Tuesday (20 March) showed widespread public trust in the army among people from different age groups, localities, gender, educational backgrounds and political affiliation.
However, citizens said they feared voicing their dissent over the army's short-comings and excesses, while it was clear they rejected, outright, military rule as an option for Zimbabwe.   
"Citizens think the army is generally capable of protecting the county from external and internal security threats, but there is substantial scepticism about soldiers' training, equipment, professionalism, and respect for citizens' rights.
"Afrobarometer survey data collected in early 2017, months before the unexpected events of November, show considerable public trust in the army, but also fear of criticising the army along with a clear rejection of military rule as an option for Zimbabwe," reads the report.
Zanu PF interviewees (86%) said they had trust in the army in doing its work while 41% interviewees reportedly aligned to main opposition MDC-T said of the same. Other socio-demographics sampled were rural (68%) and urban (58%); women (65%) and men (63%).
Afrobarometre is a pan-Afican series of national public attitude survey on democracy, governance, and society conducted by Ghana-based Centre for Democratic Development.
Further reads the publication, "The role and capacities of the military are critical elements of a modern state. In functional democracies, the military's institutional boundaries are tightly prescribed, excluding it from the political arena. It must be both trusted and adequately resourced to effectively discharge its mandate of protecting the country from external and internal threats.
"Recent events in Zimbabwe thrust the military into a bright spotlight. For the first time since independence in 1980, Zimbabwe in November 2017 experienced overt military intrusion into the country's politics. While denying that it was taking over the government, the military stepped into protracted wrangling over possible succession to long-time President Robert Mugabe, in a series of dramatic events that culminated in Mugabe's resignation (Al Amir, 2017; International Crisis Group, 2017).
"This expansion of the military role into the civilian political domain occurred in the context of an army that is historically and organically tied to the ruling Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) party but is also bound by the Constitution (2013) to avoid all involvement in partisan politics, as stated in Clause 208: Neither the security services nor any of their members may, in the exercise of their functions: act in a partisan manner; further the interests of any political party or cause;  prejudice the lawful interests of any political party or cause; or violate the fundamental rights or freedoms of any person."
Mugabe's successor, President Emmerson Mnangagwa has recently come under heavy criticism for consolidating the 'militarisation' of the State by staffing key institutions with serving and retired soldiers, including the elections management body, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC).
Ironically, Mugabe and civic society organisations have led the condemnation of the role of the army in last November's soft coup that culminated in Mugabe's resignation after 37 years of uninterrupted rule. TOP NEWS.

​Brendan Taylor
FORMER Zimbabwe captain Brendan Taylor says senior players should take responsibility against the United Arab Emirates tomorrow in their last Super Six match at Harare Sports Club which will decide the Zimbabwe cricket team, the Chevrons' fate in their quest to qualify for next year's ICC Cricket World Cup.
Taylor, who struck a career 10th ton in a losing cause against the Windies on Monday, believes Zimbabwe are still poised to grab one of the two available tickets to England and Wales despite the four-wicket setback on Monday.
The 33-year-old wicket-keeper/batsman told reporters that the game against UAE was "basically a final" for Zimbabwe, which needs the home team to be at their best regardless of the perceived low profile of their opponents.
Taylor is convinced that if senior players, including Hamilton Masakadza, Craig Ervine, Sikandar Raza and Sean Williams find their groove, then the World Cup dream will be a reality by end of day tomorrow.-Online. SPORTS.

 ​Settlement Chikwinya
Former Mbizo legislator, Settlement Chikwinya, who is reportedly at the centre of a serious legitimacy crisis over his bid to represent the constituency on an MDC Alliance ticket, has reiterated the coalition's main aim to remove Zanu PF from power was greater than his candidature.
The MDC Alliance is a grouping of seven political formations agitating for the removal of the Zanu PF government led by Emmerson Mnangagwa following last November's soft coup that relegated former president Robert Mugabe to a private citizen.
The coalition partners have entered into a 'gentlemen's agreement' to reserve seats for each stakeholder across the country, without subjecting candidates to divisive primary elections.
MDC-T party youths in Kwekwe threatened to confront the party leader Nelson Chamisa for attempting to impose Chikwinya as the coalition's candidate for Mbizo.
Chikwinya, now People's Democratic Party (PDP) secretary-general, forfeited the seat, which he won for two successive terms on an MDC-T ticket, after defecting to PDP led by Tendai Biti following another split in the MDC-T in 2015.
Chikwinya intends to run for the same seat under the MDC Alliance, but is facing resistance from MDC-T youths who are accusing him of "selling-out."
Chikwinya told NewsAnchor, "Naturally, there are interested individuals from the Alliance partners, especially MDC-T. These are the ones who are pockets of resistance. However, the bigger point is the best candidate from the political party allocated that seat within the Alliance agreement will represent the Alliance.
"The Alliance is focused not on seats representation but on removing the Zanu PF regime and all its toxins. The Alliance is the only option."
MDC-T president Chamisa recently dispatched national deputy organising secretary, Amos Chibaya to pacify and negotiate the coalition's position in Mbizo which supports Chikwinya, but was met with stiff resistance from the youths, leading to the meeting being aborted prematurely as tensions heightened.
"He is a sell-out, we don't want him to represent us anymore, we voted him into power in 2013 under the MDC-T ticket only for him to dump the party," the State media quoted anonymous disgruntled MDC-T youths.-LOCAL NEWS.

​ZEC acting chief elections office Utoile Silaigwana

The umbrella body representing civic society organisations, Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CiZC), has raised grave concern over the recent appointment of a former soldier to head the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) as the country prepares for make-or-break harmonised polls mid-year.
In a statement CiZC described the appointment of Utoile Silaigwana as ZEC acting chief elections officer as a heavy blow to the possibility of Zimbabwe holding a peaceful, free and fair plebiscite on the back of the consolidation of militarisation of the institution.
"As CiZC, we would like to categorically state that the appointment of Silaigwana is another unfortunate incident which continues to put into doubt the credibility of ZEC through acts of brazen militarisation," said Tabani Moyo, CiZC spokesperson.
Silaigwana, a former member of the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA), was part of the 2008 ZEC secretariat that withheld the March 2008 election results for close to a month, the lobby grouping alleged.
"It must also be noted that he was appointed to ZEC when he was still a serving member of the ZNA and was thus among the people that led to the militarization of ZEC and eventually presided over the 2008 elections whose outcomes were heavily contested.
"Silaigwana's image is tainted with accusations of election rigging and his latest appointment raises eyebrows on the credibility of the ZEC Secretariat and ultimately the credibility of the 2018 polls."
Further said CiZC, "It is becoming quite apparent that interim President Emmerson Mnangagwa's promise of a free, fair and credible election is mere rhetoric. Silaigwana's appointment comes after President Mnangagwa's declaration that the bloody 2008 elections, which resulted in the death of close to 300 opposition supporters were free and fair.
"To add on to this, Justice Minister, Ziyambi Ziyambi is on record saying there is no need for reforms ahead of the 2018 elections.
"CiZC would like to draw the attention of the visiting SADC Electoral Advisory Council (SEAC), which is in the country on a week-long pre-election assessment, to take note of crucial matters which might be a hindrance to free, fair and credible elections in Zimbabwe. De-militarization of ZEC as well as ensuring that ZEC secretariat is apolitical is critical to ensure free, fair and credible elections."-TOP NEWS.

A 39-year-old man from Chipinge in Manicaland provinvenhas appeared in court for allegedly murdering a five-month-old baby following a domestic dispute with his wife.
Gideon Dhliwayo of Nafferton Farm in Chipinge recently appeared before Chipinge magistrate, Vuso Gapara for initial remand.
Prosecutor Givemore Nyamayaro said Dhliwayo and his wife, Elizabeth Mhlanga, had a dispute over the paternity of the baby.
Following the argument, Dhliwayo allegedly woke up at around 4 am and hauled the infant to a nearby maize field, where he killed it.
The accused then threatened his wife not to report the incident.
The two lied to police that the child had been kidnapped by the wife's former husband.
However, after further interrogation, Mhlanga confessed that Dhliwayo had killed the infant and buried it in a nearby maize field.
Dhliwayo was remanded in custody.-Online. LOCAL NEWS.
​Health and Child Care minister David Parirenyatwa
The continuing strike by junior doctors which has entered Day 15 today has caused numerous deaths and untold suffering to patients across the country, amid calls by the affected medics for the resignation of Health and Child Care minister, David Parirenyatwa, from his post for failing to resolve their grievances.
The situation at various State-run hospitals such as Harare Central, Parirenyatwa, Mpilo, Gweru, Mutare and Chinhoyi Provincial, and clinics across Zimbabwe is reportedly dire, with reports some sick patients were dying without being attended to.
The Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association (ZHDA) on Tuesday accused Parirenyatwa of arrogance and lethargy to resolve their dispute over low salaries and allowances, which resulted in them downing tools a fortnight ago.
Failure of Parirenyatwa resigning, doctors demand that President Emmerson Mnangagwa immediately axes and replace him with a fresh pair of hands capable of resolving issues that have continued to throw doctors and other health professionals on the edge of strikes over the last decade. The Health minister is one of the few who served in former president Robert Mugabe's Cabinet and were re-appointed by Mnangagwa following last November's soft 'coup'.
The ZHDA says the minister and members of the Health Services Board have not been forthcoming to fix issues raised by the ZHDA members to date. Instead, the association alleges, they have engaged in deliberate misinformation of the public using State media and resorted to a failed strategy of issuing legally void threats to the striking doctors.
"This in our view is a sign of failure and must be immediately followed by resignation of the entire Health Services Board and the Minister of Health," a statement issued by the body read.
"We note with concern the closure of almost all central hospitals, children's units, provincial hospitals and cessation of emergency life-saving procedures throughout the country. We place this failure directly on the heels of Dr Parirenyatwa and the Health Services Board who have shown disinterest and lack of urgency in resolving the demands of the striking doctors.
 "The ZHDA leadership is only mandated to call off the doctor's strike after consultation and agreement with its members. Any pronunciations by the HSB, Minister of Health or other affiliate health associations are of no effect to the striking doctors. Any other strikes by other associations such as nurses or paramedics are not in any way linked to the doctors demands and no blanket negotiations or conflation of the separate demands will be entertained. Any manoeuvres to the contrary or insinuations by other health associations will not be tolerated."
The statement came as nurses and other medics threatened to join the strike in solidarity with doctors who earn a lowly $400 per month, a far cry of what others in the SADC region are paid.
The ZHDA said it was recalling all doctors that had been instructed to remain at their stations to attend to emergency cases.
"This in effect implies that from tomorrow, day 14 of the strike all consultants, registrars, district medical officers and general medical officers are now formally joining the strike. We will only return to work when all issues raised by the ZHDA have been fully resolved. We urge all Zimbabweans to pray for us as we try to restore sanity, dignity and nobility of the medical profession," said ZHDA. TOP NEWS.

​Zvirekwi talks to Chiyangwa from his hospital bed while Guzah looks on
CAPS United captain Hardlife Zvirekwi says he is determined to fight hard and make a return to football despite having part of his left arm amputated following injuries sustained in a horror car crash in Harare in the early hours of Monday morning.
The Zimbabwe international told ZIFA boss Philip Chiyangwa, who visited him at Parirenyatwa Hospital yesterday, he had not given up on continuing with his career as a professional footballer. Despite the serious injuries he sustained, Zvirekwi was in good spirits when Chiyangwa visited him in the company of Makonde West legislator Keith Guzah, who is a former Dynamos secretary-general.
The CAPS United skipper, who faces a lengthy period on the sidelines and has had to be removed from the Harare giants' initial squad list at PSL, thanked the nation for the outpouring of support he has been receiving since news of his accident went viral on social media.-Online. SPORTS.

​Walter Chidhakwa
IT never rains but pours for former Mines and Mining Development minister, Walter Chidhakwa, who is on remand facing criminal abuse of office charges, after Zanu PF slapped him with a 14 day prohibition order barring him from carrying out any party activities.
In a letter to Chidhakwa dated 12 March, 2018, Mashonaland West province disciplinary committee chairperson, Keith Guzah, said Chidhakwa was engaging the G40 cabal and working to undermine the President Mnangagwa led administration.
"You are hereby served with a prohibition order for 14 days. You should cease forthwith carrying out any party activities. A list of charges related to your misconduct are attached herewith."
The charges include plotting to oust President Mnangagwa from office as President and First Secretary of Zanu-PF.
Chidhakwa is also accused of corruption at party and Government levels, abuse of office and aiding and abating criminal elements around the former president, Mr Mugabe, with the view to tarnish President Mnangagwa's image
Guzah said all other ancillary charges would be availed to Cde Chidhakwa in the hearing.
Chidhakwa was relieved of his duties in November last year when President Mnangagwa announced a new Cabinet. He was arrested in December last year on charges of corruption by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC).
The ex-minister was arrested again last month together with his former permanent secretary, Professor Francis Gudyanga on a separate charges of abuse of office.-Online. LOCAL NEWS.

​President Mnangagwa and delegates at the conference
President Mnangagwa has called for greater infrastructural investment at institutions of higher learning to ensure broader access to university education, and the creation of linkages and symbiotic relations among relevant stakeholders.
The President said this when he addressed delegates attending a Higher and Tertiary Education Infrastructure Investment Conference in Harare who included academia, investors, bankers, student leaders and foreign investors who pledged their commitment to work with the new administration.
He urged prospective local and foreign investors to take advantage of the new dispensation's "open-door" business policy and invest in educational infrastructure.
"We need to prioritise infrastructure investment at colleges and universities for future generations to produce well-rounded graduates for the global market," said President Mnangagwa who is also the Chancellor for State universities.
He said windows of investment opportunities were plenty via private sector participation under build, operate and transfer, build, operate, own and transfer arrangements and public-private sector partnerships.
"Zimbabwe remained competitive on the global market as our education system has continued to produce skilled human resources relevant to local and global demands," said President Mnangagwa.
"Sadly, however, the requisite infrastructure in the education sector has of late been overstretched due to a combination of factors such as a marked increase in demand coupled with years of stagnant development due to limited resources and lack of fiscal space."
President Mnangagwa said the Government's thrust was to build state-of-the-art lecture theatres, lecture rooms, well equipped laboratories and resourced libraries, decent accommodation, cafeterias, along with modern sporting and recreational facilities.
"Investments in infrastructure which facilitates universities to become centres of technological incubation, innovation, inventions, research and development, should be encouraged," he said.
"This will help to train and groom a highly qualified and skilled workforce able to invent and produce proudly Zimbabwean products which are competitive in regional and global markets."
He said there was need for flexible and affordable student loan financing to prevent many deserving learners from ending their academic journey prematurely.
"I thus exhort all stakeholders and beneficiaries of the education sector to deliberately develop innovative, responsive and relevant credit facilities to ensure holistic graduates emerge from our learning institutions," he said.
The President also challenged the corporate world to equally play their role to increase access to higher education by offering scholarships and work-related learning opportunities.
The economic potential of universities, he said, went beyond individual campuses as their influence and impact transcended to surrounding communities that often result in the growth of university towns and cities.
"In this regard, Government stands ready to support the establishment of university towns as this increases economic activity, creates employment and enhances development outcomes whilst broadening the infrastructure base in surrounding communities," he said.
At a consultative meeting held in January this year with vice chancellors and heads of higher and tertiary institutions, President Mnangagwa challenged institutions of higher learning to explore collaborative synergies and partnerships towards the sustainable economic development of the country.
President Mnangagwa said he envisaged Zimbabwe becoming a prosperous, growing and middle income country by 2030 propelled by increased investment.
"To achieve this vision, our focus is on modernisation, mechanisation and increased productivity across all sectors," he said.
"You as institutions of higher learning have an important role to play in building a Zimbabwe we can all be proud of."
President Mnangagwa, who has interacted with a cross section of Zimbabweans in the Diaspora, said he was humbled by their enthusiasm and show of patriotism. He appealed to those in the Diaspora to use the knowledge and skills they have acquired to come and invest in the rebuilding of the country.
"My Government is willing to provide the necessary incentives and support for such investment to take place," he said.
He also urged the country's experts in the Diaspora to partner with Government ministries, departments and agencies to address skills deficits in all sectors of the economy.
Higher and Tertiary Education and Technology Development Minister Professor Amon Murwira said his ministry's focus was to produce graduates who produce goods and services.
"Knowledge which cannot be transformed into goods and services is not relevant at all," said Prof Murwira.
He said it was his ministry's vision to have university towns and cities. Prof Murwira said he viewed universities as revenue centres and not cost centres for Government, which he said was currently the case.
"We must take advantage of high literacy to bring in foreign direct investment through offering high quality education that has a product and service orientation," he said.
He also emphasised that Government respects property rights and urged the construction sector to make use of opportunities provided by the need for requisite infrastructure at institutions of higher learning.
The high-level conference provided financial institutions partnering the ministry an opportunity to make presentations on the funding models and options for tertiary intuitions.
Universities and college representatives also outlined their infrastructural requirements such as modern libraries, lecture rooms, early childhood development blocks, clinics, modern sporting facilities and students and staff accommodation.-Online. EDUCATION.

​Ex-president Robert Mugabe sneaked out to SA amid suspicion of a Mnangagwa plot 
Former Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe yesterday sneaked out and made his first trip to South Africa since stepping down after a military coup last year that resulted in an abrupt end to his 37-year reign.
Former first lady, Grace, who is a wanted person in the neighbouring country, was conspicuous by her absence from the entourage that accompanied the 94-year-old ex-Zanu PF party strongman. Grace bashed a model, Gabrielle Engels, whom she found partying with her sons in hotel room.
Mugabe has courted the ire of incumbent President Emmerson Mnangagwa after it emerged he is pushing for consolidation of a splinter party christened National Patriotic Front (NPF), whose interim leader is Retired Brigadier-General Ambrose Mutinhiri. NPF plots to divide the Zanu PF party to further weaken Mnangagwa's chances of romping to victory in the upcoming 2018 elections in which he faces tough challenge from MDC Alliance's Nelson Chamisa.
Travelling as an ordinary citizen on a flight from Zimbabwe destined for OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, the former Zanu-PF leader was accompanied by about eight guards and a woman believed to be a nurse.
"One of the guards was on the phone talking about 'colleagues from Pretoria', a passenger who was on the same flight said.
Mugabe's purpose of visit could not be independently verified, although speculation has it he could be flying out to meet renegade G40 kingpins, Jonathan Moyo, Saviour Kasukuwere and Patrick Zhuwawo who last November skipped the borders and went into self-imposed exile when the Zimbabwean military unleashed armed soldiers on the cabal accused of State capture.
It is also rumoured Mugabe is in SA to visit his sons, Robert Junior and Chatunga Bellarmine, who are domiciled there, as well as to hold meetings with some of his long-time supporters.
The passenger on the flight also revealed that take-off had been delayed for unspecified reasons.
"The plane was supposed to leave Harare at 7am. We only boarded at 10am. No reasons were given. When we were to take-off the captain announced that 'former president RG Mugabe' was on board," he said.
The national Department of International Relations and Co-operation spokesperson, Ndivhuwo Mabaya, did not respond to requests for comment.
Addressing Zanu PF youths at the party's headquarters yesterday, Mnangagwa reiterated Mugabe's shenanigans and State destabilisation agenda were under the spotlight and would punish the nonagenarian if it was proved he intends the upstage the constitutional order that led to his ascendancy.
It was not clear whether Mnangagwa's intelligence was aware of Mugabe's trip and why he was visiting the neighbouring country.
"It is the timing of the visit which raises eyebrows. Mugabe has just anointed Mutinhiri and now he has gone to meet the G40 renegades who are holed up in SA to plot Mnangagwa's last days," posited Elliot Mafuriranwa, a Harare-based political commentator. -The SA Star/ James Muonwa.-TOP NEWS.

Match Day 1                                                                                  Match Day 2
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Chapungu FC v Dynamos FC                              Chicken Inn FC v Bulawayo City FC
Bulawayo Chiefs FC v Herentals FC                   Shabanie Mine FC v Caps United
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Yadah FC v Highlanders FC                                Triangle FC v Black Rhinos FC
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Harare City FC v Nichrut FC                                 Shabanie Mine FC v Chapungu FC
Bulawayo Chiefs FC v Dynamos             Ngezi Platinum Stars FC v Bulawayo City 
FC Platinum v Triangle FC                                      Highlanders FC v Caps United FC
Black Rhinos FC v Herentals FC                            ZPC Kariba FC v Yadah FC

Match Day 13                                                                                  Match Day 14
Yadah FC v Mutare City FC                                    Mutare City FC v Triangle FC
Caps United FC v ZPC Kariba FC                            Dynamos FC v Herentals FC
Bulawayo City FC v Highlanders FC                      Nichrut FC v Black Rhinos FC
Chapungu FC v Ngezi Platinum Stars FC             Chicken Inn FC v FC Platinum
Harare City FC v Shabanie Mine FC               Shabanie Mine FC v Bulawayo Chiefs
FC Platinum v Nichrut FC                                 Highlanders FC v Chapungu FC
Black Rhinos FC v Dynamos FC                        ZPC Kariba FC v Bulawayo City FC
Herentals FC v Triangle FC                            Ngezi Platinum Stars FC v Harare City 
Bulawayo Chiefs FC v Chicken Inn FC             Yadah FC v Caps United FC

Match Day 15                                                                                    Match Day 16
Caps United FC v Mutare City FC  `                  Mutare City FC v Dynamos FC
Bulawayo City FC v Yadah FC                            Nichrut FC v Triangle FC
Chapungu FC v ZPC Kariba FC                           Chicken Inn FC v Herentals FC
Harare City FC v Highlanders FC                       Shabanie Mine FC v Black Rhinos FC
Bulawayo Chiefs FC v Ngezi Platinum             Highlanders FC v Bulawayo Chiefs 
Black Rhinos FC v Chicken Inn FC                      ZPC Kariba FC v Harare City FC
Herentals FC v Nichrut FC                                   Yadah FC v Chapungu FC
Triangle FC v Dynamos FC                            Ngezi Platinum Stars FC v FC Platinum
FC Platinum v Shabanie Mine FC                Caps United FC v Bulawayo City FC

Match Day 17                                                                                Match Day 18
Bulawayo City FC v Mutare City FC                Mutare City FC v Nichrut FC
Chapungu FC v Caps United FC                       Dynamos FC v Chicken Inn FC
Harare City FC v Yadah FC                               Herentals FC v Ngezi Platinum Stars 
Bulawayo Chiefs FC v ZPC Kariba FC              Black Rhinos FC v Highlanders FC
FC Platinum v Highlanders FC                          FC Platinum v ZPC Kariba FC
Black Rhinos FC v Ngezi Platinum Stars         Bulawayo Chiefs FC v Yadah FC
Herentals FC v Shabanie Mine FC                   Harare City FC v Caps United FC
Triangle FC v Chicken Inn FC                            Chapungu FC v Bulawayo City FC
Dynamos FC v Nichrut FC                                 Shabanie Mine FC v Triangle FC

​                                                            SeedCo's Marjorie Mutemererwa
Seed manufacturing company, SeedCo, has donated mealie-meal to Banket District Hospital as part of it corporate social responsibility programme.
SeedCo head of public relationship and corporate affairs, Marjorie Mutemererwa, said her company cherishes ploughing back to society as shown by the donation of mealie-meal as a 'thank you' gesture to communities which have consistently supported the firm.
"This gesture is our way of saying 'thank you' to the communities that have supported us all along. We also strive to find ways to empower institutions like this so that they can operate effectively and we believe that a healthy diet also contributes to the well-being of patients to recover quickly, hence our donation of two-and-half tonnes of mealie-meal to this hospital," said Mutemererwa.
Zvimba district medical officer, Dr Terrence Dandanzi, welcomed the donation, reiterating it will go a long way in lessening the budget burden on food and nutrition for patients admitted to the hospital.
During the brief event, it was learnt the hospital was in dire need of a laundry machine as currently linen is washed in Chinhoyi, a development which has seen admitted patients requested to bring their own blankets due to bedding shortages.
Jessica Tapfumaneyi, the hospital's health committee chairperson, said the 70-bed district hospital which is the first centre of call for victims of road traffic accidents that occur along the Harare-Chinhoyi highway needs urgent bail out in terms of bedding, laundry machines, staff accommodation and piped water.-LOCAL NEWS.

The chief executive officer of Windmill (Pvt) Limited, a top fertilizer distribution company, George Rundogo (50), has appeared in court for allegedly raping and impregnating his 15-year-old relative.
Rundogo was arraigned before Harare Magistrate Tilda Mazhande for initial remand and was thrown into custody for trial scheduled for April 3.
Accused was advised to approach the High Court for bail.
Rundogo reportedly lured the Form Three pupil to his Long Chen Plaza complex office where he handed her $900, saying it was for her upkeep, before raping her.
The prosecution led by Linda Gadzikwa alleged that on December 29 last year, at around 1pm, the victim received a phone call from Rundogo, who told her to come and meet him in town to get the cash meant for her pocket money.
The next day, the complainant met accused at Market Square in Harare and she was taken to his offices situated at Long Cheng Plaza.
While they sat in the office, accused handed the complainant $900 and told her that it was for her upkeep.
It is the State's case that accused went to another room and took out a mattress which he put on the office floor, before forcibly dragging the victim and raped her.
The complainant, who is a boarder, went back to school without telling anyone about the alleged rape.
On February 12, the victim confided in her class teacher and told her of her ordeal and was advised to report the matter to police, leading to accused person's arrest.
Complainant was found to be pregnant when she was taken for medical examinations to ascertain the alleged rape.  The pregnancy, which was as a result of rape, was later terminated lawfully. LOCAL NEWS.

​An assortment of cold meats and cheeses
Zimbabwe has banned importation of cold meats into the country mainly from South Africa following an outbreak of a bacteria, Listeria, which causes food borne disease. Listeria has been traced to cold meats.
In a statement released Monday, permanent secretary for Health and Child Care, Dr Gerald Gwinji, said Zimbabwe had not yet recorded any cases of Listeria, but had since activated its surveillance teams to monitor importation of such products into the country.
"What makes this outbreak significant for us is that we do import quite significant food items, particularly cold processed foods into Zimbabwe from South Africa," he said. "They have identified a specific company in Polokwane called Enterprise Tag Brands which makes a lot of these cold processed foods."
Dr Gwinji said Government had tightened food surveillance at border posts.
"What we have done as a country is tightening our food surveillance at border posts" he said. "We are still to discover any batches of the food items in question, but the fact that South Africa has recalled specific products it means that the products might no longer be on the market.
"However, we continue to increase our surveillance at the border posts and should products be found at the borders we advise our border control officers to confiscate, quarantine and send for destruction. Until we are clear that the outbreak is under control and that the specified food production plant is certified free from the infection we will not allow any of those products to come into the country."
The outbreak, which started on January 13, has so far claimed 162 lives, 43 percent of which are infants.
Listeriosis is a rare food borne disease found in 10 cases per one million people and is spread from consumption of foods that are contaminated by the bacteria Listeria monocytogenes.
These high risk foods include ready-to-eat meat products such as cooked, cured and or fermented meats and sausages, soft cheeses and cold smoked fishery products and dairy products made of unpasteurised milk.
The disease can also be spread from one person who is sick to others by sharing food or through contact.
When one is infected, the disease takes a few days to about two weeks to start showing to those affected.
Pregnant women, infants, the elderly and those with suppressed immune system are at risk of getting the disease.
Signs and symptoms of the disease include diarrhoea, high fever of about 38 degrees, headache, myalgia (muscle pain), and other complications such as septicaemia and meningitis.
People can avoid contracting the diseases by practising good personal hygiene, washing hands at all times before eating and handling foods or after using the toilet.
Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia and Malawi have since banned meat imports from South Africa.-Online-LOCAL NEWS

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