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Thomas Mapfumo

World-acclaimed musician, Thomas Mapfumo, who jetted into Zimbabwe following years in self-imposed exile, has described the administration of deposed president Robert Mugabe as ruinous having "messed up" in the running of the State.
Mapfumo, who is popularly known as Mukanya or Hurricane Hugo, made the statement in Harare today during a Press conference held at a local hotel.
Asked what he would tell Mugabe if accorded the chance to meet the country's former strongman, Mapfumo responded, "I will tell him you messed up."
The award-winning composer and singer also expressed his joy to return to his country of birth on the back of a new socio-economic and political order oozing with hope.
He, however, denounced corruption and kleptocracy that characterized Mugabe's regime.
Mapfumo was accompanied by equally celebrated Zimbabwean musician Oliver Mtukudzi with whom he would share the stage on the home-coming gig slated for 28 April in Harare.
The celebrated music icon whose Chimurenga genre inspired the country's liberation war fighters, also hinted he would be amenable to meet incumbent President Emmerson Mnangagwa as well as main opposition party MDC-T leader Nelson Chamisa to discuss the country's welfare.
Mapfumo, who preached love throughout his address, reiterated he did not want to join mainstream politics, but was speaking on behalf of the down-trodden and voiceless citizens.
The music guru has stayed in the United States for the last 14 years, only to return following Mugabe's ouster last November through a soft military coup. Mapfumo alleged persecution by Mugabe's henchmen as his "politically-incorrect" compositions caused anxiety among the ruling elite.
Prior to being abused by Mugabe, Mapfumo had also faced retribution from the colonial government led by Ian Douglas Smith for his politically-charged music.
The musician's return to Zimbabwe was met with wild cheers as he landed at the ominously named Robert Mugabe International Airport on Wednesday night, which coincidentally marked Zimbabwe's 38th Independence anniversary.
The 28 April event will also feature gifted musician Jah Prayzah, Killer T, Andy Muridzo, among others. TOP NEWS.

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