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NGO scales up programmes on environment conservation

A group of activists passionate about preserving the environment has
embarked on various projects to promote sustainable mining among
artisanal and small-scale miners.
The Kadoma-based non-profit body, National Environment Awareness Trust
(NEAT), is also lobbying for novel conservation farming methods in
resettlement areas, where A1 farmers are reportedly depleting forests
as they wantonly cut down trees to make charcoal used for heating,
cooking and, at times, curing tobacco.
NEAT founder and chairperson, Timothy Chizuzu told NewsAnchor his
organisation's main thrust is to instill environmental stewardship
among Zimbabwean citizens.
"As a trust, we seek to raise the bar when it comes to 'green issues'
that speak to our environment to make it clean, safer and protect it
for future generations," said Chizuzu.
He lamented the massive land degradation and pollution of water bodies
with harmful chemicals such as mercury and cyanide used in gold ore
processing, blamed mainly on artisanal and small-scale miners.
Chizuzu highlighted NEAT aims to engage miners and assist them to
formalise their operations to enable them to contribute towards
environmental conservation and national development.
"We need to impart in our people knowledge on the extent of the
impacts of environment damage that leads to climate change, scarring
the land and other adverse effects on the environment."
The NEAT boss said his organisation, which also conducts regular
clean-up campaigns, will extend its target groups to encompass all
economic sectors.
Among its objectives, NEAT capacitates environmental impact assessment
(EIA) practitioners through training and offering certified
educational programmes.
It also educates communities on sustainable living, climate change and
'greening' the environment.
The trust's mandate also involves lobbying for the implementation of
environmental laws and international best practices inorder to address
local challenges perculiar to Zimbabwe.
"We stand for clean air, safe water and land, healthy communities and
corporate accountability," added Chizuzu.
The organisation's punchline is "A Clean Environment, A Healthy Nation."

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