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...Raw sewerage spewing into water body

Kariba Municipality is battling sustainable raw sewer disposal
following shocking revelations that the local authority is discharging
untreated effluent into the iconic Lake Kariba.
A report in possession of NewsAnchor reveals that an inspection was
conducted by the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) officials on
April 27 last year, which observed that the municipality was
discharging raw sewerage into Kariba dam tributary in contravention of
section 57 of the EMA Act Chapter 20:27.
To that effect an order was served for the council to submit a sewer
rehabilitation plan and to repair discharging manholes by the 28 April
The sewer rehabilitation plan that was submitted to the agency
indicated that by 30 June 2018 the municipality would have rectified
all the sewerage challenges in the town.
In October three inspections were conducted and it was noted that raw
sewer was being discharged into a stream that discharges the raw sewer
directly into the lake.
The report also revealed that the municipality was operating without
an effluent disposal license which is in contravention of section 60
of the EMA CAP 20:27 as read with Section 5 of Statutory Instrument 6
of 2007
Inspections were recently done again by EMA in August 2019 following a
request by a Kariba magistrate court.
The municipality s case was also heard before Kariba magistrate courts
and the council was fined $2 000 and ordered to repair broken pipes
and all manholes.
Efforts to get comment from Kariba municipality were fruitless at the
time of writing-TOP NEWS

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