John Murwira in Mhondoro
Mhondoro Ngezi Rural District Council is buoyed by a satisfactory
financial position which stands at 78 %, despite the hard economic
challenges facing the country.
Addressing a third quarter full council meeting, Mhondoro Ngezi RDC
Chief Executive Officer, Dr Itai Mawonde said despite the constrained
economic environment facing the country, the local authority had
registered tremendous infrastructural development and had offset
statutory obligations, while maintaining a sustainable budget
"The financial position of council is currently satisfactory as we
have managed to discharge most of our creditors. Council collected an
amount of $15,180,770-00 RTGS in revenue and expended a total of
$12,908,688-00 composed of fixed overheads $1,530295-00 , capital
expenditure $5,925,010-00," said Dr Mawonde.
Council Chairman, Mr Ephraim Chengeta lauded the budget performance,
which he said was a result of unity among all stakeholders.
"As council we extend our gratitude to all our stakeholders for their
unwavering support towards achievement of council set goals," said
Ward 10 Councillor, Bezel Kazembe said the amicable relationship
between council and the community at large should continue as it is
poised for growth and development of the area.-LOCAL 

The government and communuties are struggling to ensure adequate social safety nets that guarantee dignified livelihoods of older persons.
This comes against the backdrop that the Social Welfare department is awarding older persons a measly ZWL$20 monthly, while the stipend is not paid timeously thereby exposing the aged to the vagaries of the harsh economic environment.
Chengetanayi Old People's Home board chairman, Theodore Mhlanga decried the very low allowances given to elderly people from Treasury.
"The $20 per inmate monthly is unsustainable and government needs to urgently review it.
"Payments are erratic and this makes life even more difficult for this marginalised group as inflation keeps chewing into the meagre allowances," said Mhlanga, adding poverty was robbing older persons of their human rights and respect.
Mashonaland West provincial social welfare officer, Agnes Mutowo, however, sprang to government's defence arguing the monthly allowances had since been hiked, although she was not at liberty to give figures.
According to the 2012 Census, there are an estimated 53 200 older persons in the province.
Mutowo lamented the collapse of the family unit which has seen an upsurge in the admission of elderly people in homes, a trend which was previously taboo in African tradition.
Mutowo also highlighted families should ensure adequate care for their senior members who are susceptible to chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and cancer.
She said the aged were stigmatised and labelled witches and wizards leading to isolation, neglect and abuse.
"Lets care of our older people and shun stigmatisation by branding them as witches and wizards as this only exacerbates their suffering because they are prone to chronic diseases," said Mutowo.
She said many older peolple were being overburdened by caring for HIV/Aids orphans and need help from community members.
Mutowo urged various stakeholders to assist government in providing social safety nets by helping in the administration of old people's homes and donate wheelchairs, spectacles, among other equipment to ensure dignified livelihoods for older people.
This year's International Day for the Older Persons, marked in October, was commemorated in Chinhoyi this week under the theme "Journey To Age Equality."-TOP NEWS.

A new political party, the Labour Economists and Afrikan Democrats (LEAD), bouyed by growing calls for the lifting of sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe, is making significant inroads in Mashonaland West province where it is in the process of establishing structures in all the province's seven districts.
LEAD is fronted by firebrand politician Linda Masarira-Kaingidza, former spokesperson of ex-deputy prime minister Thokozani Khupe-led Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).
Masarira-Kaingidza and her team were at the weekend in Mashonaland West province where she met aspiring councillors, Members of Parliament and Senators during interfaces held in Mutorashanga, Banket, Chinhoyi, Mhangura, Karoi and Kariba.
Masarira-Kaingidza told NewsAnchor LEAD had joined the fight against sanctions imposed by the West,  branding the embargoes as a form of economic warfare that have brought immense suffering on the masses.
"As LEAD we are engaging with local communities and grassroots citizens and having meetings to discuss the dire effects of sanctions and the importance of speaking with one voice to push for sanctions to be lifted," said Musarira-Kaingidza.
In 2000, the United States and the European Union bloc slapped Zimbabwe with economic sanctions in response to the chaotic land seizures that dispossesed white commercial farmers of prime farmland for redistribution to majority indigenous citizens.
LEAD has also embarked on a nationwide door-to-door campaign to educate citizens on the adverse effects of sanctions.
The LEAD president opined that sanctions were deployed to justify possible military action against the country.
"Sanctions are measures that can be escalated into a military invasion by an instruction by the same President if the Americans do not neutralize that threat that they believe Zimbabwe poses to their national, economic and security interest," she said.
"This occured a number of times in South America, Serbia, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Somalia."
Masarira-Kaingidza urged Zimbabweans to have unity of purpose inorder to fix political and socio-economic problems plaguing the nation.
"We must stand together as a nation to create noise and inform the world that our erstwhile colonisers have imposed economic war, sabotage and destabilisation that is killing people, displacing millions, destroying the economy and making people suffer to change a government undemocratically inorder to force it to surrender its natural resources."
She added, "As a concerned alternative party in Zimbabwe we are on the process of forming partnerships with other nations which were sanctioned by the West to forge a drive for African political, economic and social unity to bust sanctions as they can be used to subjugate African countries for strategic resources plunder by world super-powers."-POLITICS.

Teachers and learners engaging in sexual relationships risk harsh punishment from the Education ministry, which is reportedly worried with the growing trend.
Mashonaland West provincial education director, Gabriel Mhumha warned both teachers and pupils to desist from engaging in love affairs as this affected the teaching and learning process.
Mhumha issued a stern warning particularly to teachers, saying perpetrators risked losing their jobs, while urging girls to concentrate on their studies.
"A teacher who gets into a love affair with a pupil is playing with fire and they risk being fired.
"Female learners, on the other hand, should not be tempted to fall in love with their teachers but must focus on their studies and not go to school to flaunt their beauty or bodies," said Mhumha.
He said the new competence-based education curriculae dubbed "The Future" seek to nurture and develop skilled learners who can solve various challenges bedevilling society.
He made the remarks during the recent awards ceremony organised by the Better Schools Programme of Zimbabwe held at Sinoia Primary School in Chinhoyi.
Speaking at the same event, Makonde district schools inspector, Solomon Katoma said the ministry continues to work tirelessly to avoid 0% pass rates in schools.
"Comparing to other districts, Makonde is not doing badly especially at Grade Seven where 27 learners had five units in 2018.
"We continue to fight the death of 0% as four of our primary schools got zero percent in 2018 as compared to ten in 2017," said Katoma.
Pass rates among schools in Makonde district have been steadily improving since 2013, with Grade 7, 'O' and 'A' Level recording 42, 23.2 and 85.7%, respectively.-EDUCATION

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