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Failure to access national documents have negatively affected the lives of most people living in mining and farming communities, with children being the most affected.

 A survey by NewsAnchor in Shackleton, Alaska and Mhangura mine communities has seen a number of families having difficulties in accessing documents such as birth certificates the main reason being their alien status.

In an interview, Marshall Mapfumo a 47-year-old man from the now-defunct Shackleton Mine said there was need for more dedicated outreaches by the office of Registrar-General to mining communities, educate people on the requirements using languages they understand as most of them have not pursued education because of the absence of documents.

"We need dedicated help as we have not gone to school. Our children are even dropping out of school due to the absence of birth certificates, the Registar's office must come to our rescue and help us to acquire such documents." 

"At least if they help us to register us so that we register our children whom we think can change our lives if they persue with their education as most of them are dropping out," said Mapfumo.

The Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC) public hearings in Mashonaland West province noted mining and farming communities as being amongst hotspots of undocumented people across the country.

ZHRC Deputy Chairperson Ellen Sithole said access to national documents such as birth certificates was a huge challenge countrywide affecting many people particularly in mining and farming communities.

"Access to documentation is a fundamental human right guaranteed by the constitution of Zimbabwe which facilitates the enjoyment of other human rights, "she said.

"A number of children born to aliens living in mining communities have no birth cetificates and this is a situation the commission will look into to make sure they acquire such documents and enjoy their rights," said Sithole- LOCAL NEWS

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