Rudzi Tribe dedicates video to Cyclone Idai victims

Afro-fusion band, Rudzi Tribe, has released a video dedicated to victims and survivors of the devastating Cyclone Idai that ravaged the Eastern parts of the country,  causing massive infrastructural damage particularly in Chimanimani.
The outfit composed a song calling upon communities to continue donating towards Cyclone Idai victims with a single track titled 'Musanete' meaning do not tire.
The Chinhoyi-based band has released a video calling, again, for more aid.
Rudzi Tribe, fronted by founder Prince Nyamadzavo also known as Elder Princo , Progress Chafesuka and Nyasha Mhlanga shot the video urging well-wishers to continue helping affected communities.
"We urge communities to continue seeding towards Cyclone Idai victims in whatever form they can, for there is more reward in giving than receiving. Let us not tire to mobilise resources to help our beloved ones .
"People have been donating since the disaster took place,  but  we urge citizens and those abroad to assist by donating clothing and foodstuffs to make life more comfortable for survivors who lost their sources of livelihoods.
"There is still much need to help those affected that is why we have come up with this video titled 'Musanete' urging people to donate," said Elder Princo.
Elder Princo called on fellow musicians and other stakeholder to formulate strategies that can help in addressing the dire effects wee left by the cyclone.
"As artists we urge our compatriots to come up with strategies that can help in healing wounds that have been left by the cyclone.
"Other stakeholders can also design strategies meant to bring normalcy to communities affected," he said.-ENTERTAINMENT

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