By James Muonwa

For an unemployed father of three minor children to phantom the spectre of his pregnant wife bearing him three more children, resulting in three more mouths to feed in the midst of poverty, is nightmarish.
The thought then becomes a dark reality when a scan done of his expecting wife, indeed, confirms she was carrying three foetuses in her womb.
Fast forward to 22 December 2019, Evalisto Maravire's wife Rosewita King (37) gave birth to three bundles of joy, but both hubby and wifey felt ambivalent, whether to celebrate or rue over the 'curse' that God had thrust upon their already miserable lives.
For the 49-year-old now father of six children, the triplets were not a curse as he had originally pondered, but were God's design hence he christened the them, Anenyasha (girl), Anesu (boy) and Anotida (girl).
The ravenous trio, said the mother, was taking a toll on her health as she fed them on one breast after her other breast developed a lump which she thought was cancerous, and stopped milk production.
The onerous task to feed the enlarged family, which now includes triplets now aged 8 months old, became unbearable for the couple and needed the intervention of charitable members of the Cheuchi community in Makonde district, Mashonaland West province.
The couple has three other children aged 11, seven and four.
"Life had thrown us lemons and we were in a fix. We couldn't feed our children as well as extended family as we live at my in-laws homestead in Cheuchi," narrated Maravire, who originally hails from Gokwe-Kana, Midlands province.
King told NewsAnchor that she had sleepless nights as the children competed and wailed for the little milk she was producing from one breast.
"I never sleep at night with the children crying. This is why we sent out a Save Our Souls (SOS) call as there was urgent need for baby milk formula," said King.
Indeed, the SOS call was sent out and the Mike Chimombe Foundation Trust (MCFT) sprang to assist the needy triplets.
On Friday, MCFT handed over a donation of baby milk formula, other foodstuffs and clothing items estimated at US$2 000 at a ceremony held at the plush Inyasha Gardens in Chinhoyi.
The trust's founder and principal, Mike Chimombe, pledged to continue assisting the triplets with food and other humanitarian needs.
The philanthropist, politician and businessman all rolled into one, also committed to pay the triplets' tuition fees from early childhood development (ECD) up to tertiary level.
"The trust heard the plea for help for the triplets and we saw it befitting that we donate these items to them. We also wish to announce that MCFT will take care of these children's education needs for the next 20 years. These needs include, but not limited to, tuition fees, uniforms and so forth," said Michelle Rusare-Chimombe.
The school fees pledge will be hedged through an insurance scheme, ZB Life More Cover Endowment Plan.- LOCAL NEWS

By James Muonwa

A community-based organisation is alleviating Karoi Town Council's solid waste management woes, amid piling moulds of garbage occasioned by Covid-19 as families remain holed-up in homes thereby generating litter.
Chenai, a grouping of ten youths, is involved in brick moulding and manufacturing of organic fertiliser  using non-bio-degradable and biodegradable waste. 
The project last week received a boost of $285 040 from the Ministry of Women Affairs, Small to Medium Enterprises and Community Development to capacitate it inorder to increase production that would subsequently result in waste reduction and employment creation.
Chenai has been working on waste management in the town since 2014.
The company's operations director, Faith Mudondo said although their organisation has faced myriad challenges with poor and obsolete equipment and limited resources for their two projects since establishment, they continued to soldier on under such constraints to help manage waste. 
"We have soldiered on despite challenges we have faced such as poor equipment. This project is helping lessen the burden of solid waste management by our council," said Mudondo.
The project raw materials are sand, plastics and oil which are moulded into bricks, a move that seeks to help control littering and waste management in the farming town.
At least four schools in Hurungwe district have managed to build classroom blocks using bricks supplied by the project. 
Chenai operates from Karoi dumpsite.
In an interview with this publication, Karoi council chairman, Abel Matsika acknowledged the local authority was inundated with managing solid waste generated in the town, with most of it's residents being vendors who operate at various undesignated places.
This, he said, posed a challenge to refuse collection teams as litterbugs willy-nilly throw away garbage.
"There is need for concerted efforts between council and private players to manage litter to sustainable levels. Also, there is urgent need to enforce by-laws to curb littering.
"As Karoi, we also need to identify new landfills," said Matsika.
Women Affairs, Community, Small and Medium Enterprise Development deputy minister, Jennifer Mhlanga, said the stimulus package seeks to boost and empower women and small businesses across the nation.
She said while the nation was reeling under the effects of Covid-19, the government had seen the prudence to financially support emerging businesses.
"As a ministry we are administering the Community Development Fund. The reason why we decided to partner with Chenai Waste Management Project is because they have two significant products they are producing which include  bricks made of plastics and organic fertiliser from waste materials.
"The funding seeks to create employment and help manage the environment in the area."
She also encouraged local councils to support small businesses that are working to create sustainable environments.
The money is a revolving fund, which Chenai is expected to repay.
Environmental Management Agency's (EMA) Hurungwe district officer, Pride Rugara hailed Chenai for initiating the project which has helped ease Karoi council's waste management challenges.

By James Muonwa

Religious leader, Andby Makururu, has embarked on an ambitious drive to empower members of his church. 
Makururu, popularly known as Madzibaba Andby, said his church would capacitate members of his congregation through developmental projects such as bread-making as a way of complementing government's efforts of creating jobs.
Madzibaba Andby urged the traditional apostolic churches to have a paradigm shift so that they are not viewed as 'backward' churches.
He said that he was positioning his church as an integral component for societal transformation.
"My church supports the current ruling government. It is our spiritual growth and duty to respect our leadership hence our loyalty to the government,"
 "As a church leader with his followers at heart, I saw it prudent to help them in having such developmental projects. It is part of our goals and desire to uplift people's livelihoods," said Madzibaba Andby.
He added, "l realised that most families were experiencing food shortages in these times of Covid-19-induced lockdown and the church has chipped in donating some foodstuffs towards their welfare."
He said that his church has also donated to the less privileged members of society who are not part of his church.
"I have also donated ZLW$50 000 to four women and two men to buy maize for resale as another way of empowerment.
"I am very grateful to our shadow MP for donating space for the women's project to kick-start . 
We hope to keep on rowing the same boat with our local leadership in all our programmes in the province," he said. 
Zanu PF shadow Member of Parliament, Engineer Last Taguma Sauramba, said that he had partnered Madzibaba Andby in steering development in Chinhoyi.
"We have struck a good relationship with Madzibaba Andby in terms of helping some members of his church through developmental projects.
"We helped in the construction of the Roman Dutch oven while Madzibaba Andby provided the bricks for the oven.
"The oven would benefit 10 people who were trained in bread making.
"My wife conducted the one day workshop and we hope to train more members of the church.
"I urge the church to continue praying for our leadership and instilling a sense of discipline and loyalty amongst the congregants so that they don't revolt against the government," said Sauramba.
Sauramba emphasised that he has an open door policy and will keep on helping the church. LOCAL NEWS.

By James Muonwa

Artisanal gold mining areas in Mhondoro-Ngezi, Sanyati, Chegutu and parts of Makonde district are notorious hot-spots in the spread of HIV/ Aids, as both males and females flock to make a living out of gold panning and prostitution.
This was recently revealed by National Aids Council acting Mashonaland West provincial manager, Davison Mambudzi, who said the prevalence rates in illegal mining settlements remained high.
"Dotted artisanal mining activities in Mhondoro-Ngezi, Sanyati, Chegutu and Makonde are contributing to the relatively high rates of infections, in our standards.
"This is due to young people, both men and women from all walks of life, that are being clustered there in search of better livelihoods," said Mambudzi.
He noted that HIV/ Aids prevalence rates in the province were relatively low, across all age groups, as compared to other provinces with Kariba district the lowest at 5, 9%, Hurungwe 6, 9%, Mhondoro-Ngezi 7, 7%, Zvimba 8, 1%,  Chegutu 8, 3%, Makonde 7, 7% and Sanyati at 6, 9%.
Mambudzi attributed the low prevalence in Kariba district to entrenched cultural values that abhor multiple-concurrent sexual partners and prostitution.
"Kariba, with all it's fish business that attracts many people, has the lowest HIV/Aids prevalence rate because of cultural roots that speak to issues of conformity to tradition. The natives don't practice multiple sex partners or be intimate with outsiders, therefore, prostitution is taboo" he said.
The NAC acting provincial head said the Covid-19 pandemic had not spared their HIV/Aids mitigation programming, although efforts are being made to scale-up door-to-door visits, use of radio and social media messaging. 
Four programme models being pursued include; the brother-to-brother, sister-to-sister, peer-led and the dreams initiative.
Mambudzi highlighted that during physical visits, NAC personnel keep strict adherence to set World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines to avoid the spread of Covid-19, such as wearing personal protective ware, social distancing and sanitising.-LOCAL NEWS.

By James Muonwa recently in Mt Hampden

A physically-challenged Mt Hampden man, who has spend most of his adult life being pushed in a wheelbarrow, had his plight ended following a wheelchair donation by the local legislator.
Patrick Mhinga (36) of Alpha compound on the outskirts of Harare, was all smiles Monday when he received a special wheelchair from Zvimba East Member of Parliament, Tawanda Tungamirai.
Mhinga came to receive the donation being carted in a ramshakled wheelbarrow.
The wheelchair donation came following a needs assessment exercise done by the MP, who has embarked on a vigorous campaign to assist needy people in various communities under his jurisdiction.
"The responsibility to assist vulnerable citizens should not rest on government alone, as community members we should help each other out," said Tungamirai.
Tungamirai, son to late liberation war icon and national hero Josiah Tungamirai, says Mhinga's condition and welfare had touched his heart, hence he had to act so as to make his movement from place to place less strenous.
The donation, held at Alpha Primary School, was witnessed by Social Welfare minister Paul Mavima and Mashonaland West Minister of State, Mary Mliswa-Chikoka.-LOCAL NEWS

By James Muonwa, Mashonaland West Correspondent

Prolific urban grooves musician, Collen Banda, also known as ShowBoy in arts circles, is this August set to release three single tracks.
The singles are titled Shungu, Nguva Yareba and Wakandibaya.
ShowBoy told NewsAnchor that he was taking advantage of the Covid-19 induced lockdown to pen songs in a bid to further his musical career.
"The lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic has had it's positive effects as I am writing songs. I have three single tracks that are set for release this month," said ShowBoy.
The youthful Chegutu-based artiste said he roped in other talented musicians inorder to give diversity to his music.
"I believe in the power of collborating with others, hence l invited Tumen who features in the song Shungu, while Mr Shayne comes in the track Nguva Yareba," narrated ShowBoy. 
In the song Shungu, the artist encourages young people not to lose hope in the face of adversity.
Nguva Yareba is a love medley which talks of a lonely lover yearning to be with their partner. 
In Wakandibaya, ShowBoy talks of a child who disappointed their parents despite being pampered inorder to succeed in life.
The musician-cum-electrician revealed that the three singles were
produced by MK Beats at Simplex Studios in Chegutu.
Videos for the singles are in the  pipeline, he said.
ShowBoy has previously collaborated with Alishias 'Maskiri' Musimbe and has performed at sold-out shows in schools. The popular musician has also performed at private functions such as weddings and parties.-ENTERTAINMENT.
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