ShowBoy Set To Release 3 Singles

By James Muonwa, Mashonaland West Correspondent

Prolific urban grooves musician, Collen Banda, also known as ShowBoy in arts circles, is this August set to release three single tracks.
The singles are titled Shungu, Nguva Yareba and Wakandibaya.
ShowBoy told NewsAnchor that he was taking advantage of the Covid-19 induced lockdown to pen songs in a bid to further his musical career.
"The lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic has had it's positive effects as I am writing songs. I have three single tracks that are set for release this month," said ShowBoy.
The youthful Chegutu-based artiste said he roped in other talented musicians inorder to give diversity to his music.
"I believe in the power of collborating with others, hence l invited Tumen who features in the song Shungu, while Mr Shayne comes in the track Nguva Yareba," narrated ShowBoy. 
In the song Shungu, the artist encourages young people not to lose hope in the face of adversity.
Nguva Yareba is a love medley which talks of a lonely lover yearning to be with their partner. 
In Wakandibaya, ShowBoy talks of a child who disappointed their parents despite being pampered inorder to succeed in life.
The musician-cum-electrician revealed that the three singles were
produced by MK Beats at Simplex Studios in Chegutu.
Videos for the singles are in the  pipeline, he said.
ShowBoy has previously collaborated with Alishias 'Maskiri' Musimbe and has performed at sold-out shows in schools. The popular musician has also performed at private functions such as weddings and parties.-ENTERTAINMENT.

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