Music Soothes Troubled Soul: KnimaPresh


A GWERU-based upcoming female artist has expressed her undying love for music, saying it heals the soul and gives listeners possible solutions to their day-to-day challenges.

KnimaPresh (27), born Nomzamo Ndebele, is a singer, songwriter, guitarist and visual artist, all wrapped in one.

She says music has always been her favourite pastime, since childhood during which she would sing in front of a big church congregation.

"I have always sung almost my whole life. From the age of four, l would sing in front of big congregations and the applauses from the crowds would motivate me.

"That is when l realised that l had the talent," said KnimaPresh.

The affable artist said she received support from her friends and family members, especially her father who encouraged her to pursue a career in music.

Her first ever studio recording was in 2016 at Shabach Entertainment Studios in Harare.

"I recorded my first ever song where l did a demo called Sendihamba being featured on this track with Prophecy by Spirit Fingers," she said.

KnimaPresh recorded her second track in South Africa with Dj Ladeep at the DVamp Music Studio, and this experience further motivated her.

"I also worked on a track called 'Meropa' a Setswana word meaning drums with Dj Ladeep celebrating the making of music in this era."

The crooner is hoping to collaborate with artist such as Xiddo, Nyasha David, as well as Ngoni Kambarami.

The Covid-19 induced lockdown has negatively affected record sales, she noted.

"Since Covid-19 started, business was affected so much that l stopped working on some of my projects until the situation normalises," she said.

KnimaPresh encouraged upcoming artist like her to be prayerful and hardworking inorder to achieve their goals.

"I encourage other artists like me to involve Jesus in everything, and to stay positive because the sky is the only limit," KnimaPresh said.

The talented diva grew up in Lower Gwelo's Insukamini area, and has four siblings. 

She is still single.

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