Parents 'Ambushed' As Govt Announces Schools Restart Dates


PARENTS have expressed displeasure over the announcement by government that 

schools will open next Monday for examination classes, whilst the 

rest open on 6 September.

Those interviewed by NewsAnchor said they feel ambushed with the 

announcement coming barely 24 hours after government's extension of the 

national Level Four lockdown.

"We are not ready as we have to work on raising fees. Some of us have to 

find accommodation for the children who learn in other towns and we don't 

know how borders are going to be catered for," said Ethel Bosha of Chinhoyi.

Amigo Gwanzura, a guardian from Banket, said it was impossible to have 

children travel back to their respective schools within the next three days.

"We have to wait for the month-end to get money. For government to wake up 

and announce school opening date, which is basically three days away, is 

tantamount to an ambush.

"Parents are even more sceptical to pay school fees as schools may be 

closed prematurely as there are fears for a fourth Covid-19 wave," he said.

A primary school head, who requested anonymity, said his institution was 

still making preparations and needed at least one more month to be 

ready for safe opening of the school.

"The announcement came as a surprise. While we have been preparing for the 

opening of schools, we still have more to be done like agreeing with 

parents over the issue of fees which we have to get a nod from government. 

Also, we can't make purchases for things like sanitisers in three days due to 

procurement protocols."

A low turn out of learners and teachers is predicted due to various 

challenges as school authorities were not adequately ready, he further 


To highlight the confusion wrought to the education sector by government's 

inconsistency, Great Zimbabwe University (GZU) had made an announcement 

deferring examinations following this week's government's decree extending 

the national lockdown by a further two weeks.

An Advanced Level student, Rebecca Matope, said she has to travel from her 

rural home and find lodgings near her school in Banket, a challenge that 

has to be met in a short space of time.

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