The Life Of A Super-Abled DJ Rixx


Keith Anesu Zulu is a super abled young man who has infinite hope for a meaningful life. 

He was born with cerebral palsy, a condition that affects his muscle movement and coordination while his vision, hearing and sensation have also been impaired. 

Keith is popularly known as DJ Rixx in the arts and entertainment industry. 

For him, disability is natural and does not prevent him from doing anything he wishes to, and this is reason why he has unending hope for a productive life.

DJ Rixx is a creative, technical and talented music icon who has done exceedingly commendable tasks in as far as music production is concerned. 

The outspoken and comic shining star is a music producer, a disc jockey (DJ) and a musician all wrapped in one.

In an interview with NewsAnchor, Keith said, "Sometimes when I am motivated enough and not lazy I write music. This is because writing is different from making beats for it requires deep thinking."

His passion for the arts and entertainment dates back to his childhood days.

"When my teacher discovered that I could not write using a pen, this is when I started using a computer." 

Keith is a highly competent computer techno savvy guy, who operates a laptop using his feet when doing beat making for music production.

The talented DJ told NewsAnchor he was a self-taught music composer and producer, who learnt how to make music through YouTube tutorials.

Keith says, "I started my productions from my bedroom just like any other superstar you are aware of."

His other breakthrough into the music industry occurred when he went to the studio for the first time in 2016, where he produced a song for a sister to one of the celebrated music legends in Matabeleland South well known as Bhadillah. 

DJ Rixx claims he can make a beat within an hour.

"With Bhadillah’s sister we just got into the studio and l gave her the 

topic to sing about, and within five minutes she had brought that which she was expected to sing. Inside an hour the song was done, the beat was on 

point," he explained.

On how it is like working with Keith, Bhadillah says, "From my experience working with Keith, he is a humble guy whose creativity is out of this world.

"He is that guy who gives me an allowance as he will say if I feel that the beat is not what I want I must ask him to alter it to suit what I want. He 

is very creative and versatile."

Bhadillah appealed to organisations who can assist people like Keith to realise their full potential to get to a level where he is at par or above abled-bodied artists.

Keith also spoke about the challenges that he is facing in his work as a music producer.

"I lack equipment, but in as much as I do not want sponsorship and freebies 

l do believe I need a partnership. Also, collaborations with other artists or companies in the industry can make a huge difference in my career.

"I want to make music, get paid and invest money into my career and buy professional equipment. If I have equipment I can easily work with someone even as far as India or England."

He further said, "Currently it’s a struggle in this country to be successful especially for people like me, so my dream is that if l get enough capital I will be able to do well locally and internationally. I do not want to be seen begging on the streets like other people living with disabilities like me.

"If I can get into partnerships I will be able to sustain and establish myself for I know I have great talent that can take me to higher levels."

DJ Rixx also mentioned the importance of networking as this can avail opportunities for his growth in the music industry. Keith is inspired by Black Coffee, who is living with a disability.

"Black Coffee is one of the biggest DJs not only in Africa, but globally as he is often featured at international gigs." Black Coffee is a world-renowned DJ and music producer, who is considered the godfather of South African house music.

Keith is grateful for the support he receives from his parents.

His father expressed happiness when he narrated how his son pushed so hard to be where he is now in music.

"I do understand his condition and this is why when I was asked to take him to a disability institution (name withheld) I refused. I am comfortable with my son and I am working hard to ensure that he realises his dream to the fullest."

He added, "People like Keith need exposure and he, just like me, does not believe in getting handouts from well-wishers. We believe in hardwork, and Keith takes that principle of hardwork from me."

Keith is a beneficiary of Nkomwa Foundation Trust (NFT), an organisation that caters for people living with disabilities. 

NFT founder, Pick Nkomwa says, "We identified Keith last year, and we were 

communicating with him since then. He shared with us his situation and passion for music. We are so impressed by the amazing work he is doing. As 

NFT we will work flat out to put him in the limelight as this is one of our objectives to promote active participation of Persons Living With Disabilities (PLWDs) so they can live an independent life. 

"I call upon all stakeholders in the music industry to accommodate artists who are differently abled from grassroots level."

Nkomwa appealed to the media fraternity to provide extensive coverage of PLWDs, whom he says are still neglected while their efforts and initiatives are not taken seriously.

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