Zanu PF Holds Internal Elections In Violation Of Covid Rules


The ruling Zanu PF party is trampling upon its own laws and has set in 

motion processes for the holding of internal elections to choose leaders of 

grassroots structures as part of its ongoing restructuring exercise.

Acting national commissar, Patrick Chinamasa has directed provincial 

chairpersons to superintendent over the conduct of polls countrywide to 

elect party branches.

Through circular Number 8 of 2021, Chinamasa gave the green light for local 

plebiscites to be held in urban cells and villages.

Chinamasa's circular reads in part, "This circular serves to authorise 

provinces to move into the second phase of the party restructuring exercise 

and conduct elections for party branches."

Although the party notes the danger posed by the move to hold polls which 

attract crowds, Chinamasa nonchalantly urged provincial chairpersons to 

avoid crowding to comply with Level 4 lockdown measures that forbid 

gatherings exceeding 50 people.

"Provincial chairpersons are requested to guide the election process such 

that there will be no crowding of people during the elections as required 

by Covid-19 protocols," wrote the acting national commissar.

The impending polls will see the election of chairpersons of the cells' 

main wing, women's league, youth and war veterans leagues, a development 

that is likely to witness large gatherings in defiance of set Covid-19 

prevention and containment measures.

Chinamasa further wrote, "Chairpersons of the above mentioned wings shall 

be elected by all members in the cell/villages in the branches while the 

remaining 156 members shall be elected through the basket system."

This system, Chinamasa added, ensures that all party cells/villages making 

up the branch are fairly represented in the branch executive committee. 

The Zanu PF Commissariat department recently ordered a moratorium on 

co-options of members to fill vacancies in the powerful DCCs countrywide, 

most of which were left void due to deaths of incumbents from the 

devastating Covid-19 pandemic. 

Chinamasa said the ongoing restructuring within the party would 

automatically fill vacant posts, therefore, cherry-picking replacements was 


Ironically, the impending Zanu PF internal elections come against a 

backdrop of a ban on by-elections to choose recalled Members of Parliament 

(MPs) and councillors across the country as the Zimbabwe Electoral 

Commission (ZEC) took the bold decision to stem the spread of the deadly 

respiratory ailment.

Meanwhile, Zanu PF Health secretary David Parirenyatwa has also written to 

provincial chairpersons requesting lists of unvaccinated members who are 

set to attend the party's annual National People's Conference pencilled for 

October in Bindura.

"We wish to reiterate the seriousness of the Covid-19 pandemic, especially 

as it pertains its spread during gatherings. We request an updated list of 

the number of people in your structures who have not been vaccinated in 

line with our oncoming conference in October," wrote Parirenyatwa.

He added, "As previously mentioned the deadline of the vaccination was 31 

August 2021. We, therefore, need an updated list by 22 August to leave room 

for one week of any needed mop up operation before 31 August 2021."

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