Budding Music Producer Hector Flame Dreams Big


A CHITUNGWIZA-based music producer has set on an ambitious journey to build a formidable recording company with capacity to churn out music which competes internationally.

In an interview with NewsAnchor on Friday, Hector Zvidzai Nyengedza, also known as Hector Flame, said he wishes to establish a recording label that will uplift various artists in the country.

"My goal is to come up with a big recording company, which will enable local artists to record their music which can stand competition at the international stage," said Hector Flame.

The budding producer, fancies himself an innovator, who will bring change to the entertainment industry in Zimbabwe.

"I see myself as an innovator, who will come up with new and creative ideas in improving the entertainment industry in the country.

Inorder for him to achieve his goal, Hector Flame opines the government should play a pivotal role by promoting and marketing artist to ensure visibility.

Hector Flame wishes for the Covid-19 pandemic to come to an end for him, and other artists, to do pursue to trade without any restrictions.

The coronavirus scourge, he said, negatively affected by the entertainment and showbiz sector.

"Some of my clients are not able to record at my studio and my finances are very low because of the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions. Therefore, l wish for it to come to an end so that l will achieve my dream," he said.

He aslo encouraged other artists like him to stop abusing drugs and to be patient with music because it is the only thing that uplifts the souls of the people.

Hector Flame is a music producer, drummer, acoustic guitar and piano player from Chitungwiza's Zengeza 2, who has been in the music industry for four years now.

The all-rounder was motivated to be an artist by his father who was also an artist.

He records all music genres and he has worked with Hubby Blacks, Spicy Dee, and he is looking forward to working with artist like Ammara Brown, Sani Makhalima and ExQ.

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