Bulawayo City Council, Tendy Three In US$2 Million Vehicle Parking Deal


BULAWAYO City Council (BCC) has partnered with Tendy Three Investments (TTl) (Pvt) Limited, in a US$2, 2 million vehicle parking deal, which will help to decongest the city.

The system will use closed circuit television (CCTVs) to identify free parking bays, and make Bulawayo a leading smart transformative city by 2024, as stated in its vision.

During a meeting held at Bulawayo City Hall last week, deputy mayor Mlandu Ncube said the project will help to decongest the city as there will be the use of technology to help identify empty parking space.

“This is a technology-based parking system, where CCTVs will be used to monitor parking bays and identify areas with space so as to reduce congestion and confusion in the city,” he said.

The deputy mayor said parking has become a nightmare in the central business district (CBD), as the vehicle estimated tally now reaching 2 000.

“The project will give order and sanity to the city,” he said.

Lizwe Mabuza from the TTI operations department said the project will create jobs, decongest the city and generate revenue for the city.

“The project will employ parking marshalls from Bulawayo metropolitan province, help to decongest the city and create revenue for the council,” he said.

He reiterated the deal will provide security to the vehicle in parking bays.

“Through the use of CCTVs, vehicles will be secured as the gadgets will monitor all bays and also the parking marshalls will be trained as an extra eye to also provide the security.

“It will be different from the current set up where motorists just park their vehicles, and the marshalls merely do the payment process and leave the vehicle with the parking disk without security. This will also help the police because the use of CCTV will help to reduce crime in the city,” said Mabuza.

He also said residents should comply so that the system works.

“We, the people, should work together with the municipality so that every project which is put in place will have progress and improvement,” he said.

Tendy Three Investments also has branches in South Africa and has invested $2, 2 million dollars in the Bulawayo City parking management project.

The project is expected to be completed by November this year while revenue will be used in road rehabilitation, payment of parking marshalls and maintenance of the control room and machinery.

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