Civil Servants SA Shopping Trips A Hoax: PSC


THE Public Service Commission (PSC) has sprang to dismiss as a hoax a notice supposedly to civil servants announcing planned shopping trips to neighbouring South Africa.

The fake memo, which has gone viral on social media platforms, purports the PSC was compiling lists of interested workers who would want to embark on the monthly shopping jaunts across the Limpopo.

Read the counterfeit notice, "Provincial month-end trips to South Africa. We intend to introduce month-end trips for civil servants. The trips will be determined by the response from interested members.

"May you please kindly submit names of interested members to this office..."

In response to the fake memo, the PSC head Jonathan Wutawunashe wrote, "False and misinformation! The PSC wishes to inform the public and stakeholders that there is a fake memo circulating on social media purporting that there will be organised shopping trips to South Africa.

"This is a scam and should be condemned."

The government, which is grappling to satisfy its employees with decent salaries, is mulling non-monetary incentives, therefore it was easy for social media users to fall for the shopping trips ruse.

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