Community To Fight Drug Abuse At Sports Pitch Under Construction


A NEW Five-A-Side soccer pitch, which will also host different sports codes, is under construction in the dormitory town of Chitungwiza.

In an interview with NewsAnchor, the brains behind the noble project, Callistus Keche, said the facility situated in Seke Unit G, would benefit Chitungwiza residents, particularly youths.

Keche highlighted young people in the sprawling suburb would have a place to perfect their sporting skills.

“There are many youths who are gifted in playing sports like soccer, handball, volleyball and others in our community. 

"The challenge has been that there were facilities where they could nurture this talent. I noticed that there were no playgrounds in our community, and l, together with other community leaders,  decided to help our youths” 

Keche said, adding he was receiving calls from various international scouts requesting for talented footballers.

“Coaches and talent scouts from international teams are contacting me asking for teenage boys and young men who are good soccer players."

Keche also added that he wanted to eradicate drug and substance abuse  among teenage boys and girls by involving them in sports.

“The Five -A-Side pitch will give youths, who are engaging in drug and substance abuse a chance to find something they are passionate about and pursue a meaningful life.

"I want to push that youths leave the world of alcohol and substance abuse. 

Many of these youths are very talented, especially in soccer, but since most of them are not employed they find themselves wasting away in alcohol and substance abuse," Keche added.

The sport enthusiast also revealed the facility was a fundraising project for the community.

“For each game hosted here, we will charge a fee that would go towards different developmental projects needed by the community." 

Completion of the project has been delayed owing to perennial water challenges in Chitungwiza. 

“Water is a biggest challenge we are facing at the moment and for us to continue building the pitch we are purchasing water from water supply companies,” he said

Five-a-side football is a variation of association football, in which each team fields five players. 

Other differences from football include a smaller pitch, smaller goals, and a reduced game duration, but it can also be used to play other sports such as, handball and volleyball.

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