Dep Minister Chombo Plotting My Ouster, Says Zanu PF Councillor


A DISGRUNTLED Zvimba Rural District Council (ZRDC) councillor has accused Local Government and Public Works deputy minister, Marian Chombo of orchestrating his arrest by police for allegedly abusing the Presidential Inputs Scheme.

The allegations were made by Ward 15 councillor, Sandram Kembo, who is also Zvimba North Zanu PF district coordinating committee (DCC) secretary for welfare of the disabled.

During a recent emotive Zanu PF DCC meeting, a visibly angry Kembo took aim at Chombo, who is also Zvimba North MP,  for being behind his arrest over alleged abuse of agricultural inputs.

Kembo is currently on bail pending finalisation of the matter in court.

In his claim, Kembo says Chombo is  working in cahoots with Zimbabwe Tourism Association (ZTA) Women's Desk national chairperson, Idah Kamushinda, to dislodge him from his council position.

Kamushinda, he further claimed, was imposed by Chombo as Ward 15 coordinator performing similar duties as his as councillor, thereby making him redundant.

"Kamushinda was appointed as Ward 15 coordinator following a sinister pact between Minister Chombo and herself.

"They did this with future plans that she becomes ward councillor as Chombo is comfortable working with her," charged Kembo.

Added Kembo, "The coordinator is sidelining me and performing the work I should be doing as she and Chombo plot my ouster in the 2023 harmonised elections, but I am ready to die defending my position."

He buttressed his claims further alleging vehicles used by police to come to arrest him belonged to the deputy minister.

"When I was arrested over trumped up charges over presidential agriculture inputs through Raffingora Grain Marketing Board (GMB), the car used by police was provided by the MP.

"Chombo, together with Zvimba DCC chairman Bywell Mbiri have also instructed some youths who invaded my farm not to move off my property," he claimed.

Both Chombo and Kamushinda deny Kembo's allegations."Kamushinda was nominated by the people of Ward 15 as their preferred choice for coordinator, and whom am I to refuse someone chosen by those in the community?

"Anyone is free to contest my position anytime and I have nothing to do with his arrest over the presidential inputs abuse. That is a matter purely between him and Raffingora GMB. I also have nothing to do with youths whom he claims are refusing to vacate his land," Chombo told NewsAnchor.

Said Kamushinda, "Kembo is trying to get sympathy because he has failed the electorate which nolonger supports him, and this is why he is making these spurious claims. 

"I work with the local MP, as we are both Zanu PF members and it's the people who requested me that I coordinate ward developmental programmes."

Added Kamushinda, "After all, we are not yet in election period therefore myself and MP Chombo are focusing on promoting development in line with the National Development Strategy (NDS 1), as enunciated by our president."

She hit back accusing Kembo of masterminding illegal land sales in the Mutorashanga area.

During the Zvimba DCC meeting, Kembo was advised to seek recourse at the Lands ministry over the settlers at his farm.

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