Linky Money Drops Fourth Afro-Dancehall Album


BANKET-based Clever Mhondoro, who goes by the stage moniker Linky Money, has released a 10-track album titled Ingredients.

The latest project becomes the fast rising musician's fourth album following the success of previous offerings like Be My Queen produced in 2019, and Mangoma, which did fairly well on the Zimdancehall scene last year.

Linky Money spoke to NewsAnchor to reflect on his music career."I write and sing about social issues from perspectives I see things in the community I live," he said.

He says the dancehall music genre, just like other types of music, was impacted negatively by the Covid-19 induced national lockdown as artists struggled to make ends meet following the ban on musical shows.

"It was a very difficult period for the music industry with shows not being allowed due to the lockdown. We used to make a living from live shows, and that affected us in coming up with projects to get money for recording," he said during an interview.

Some of the tracks to watch out for in Ingredients, include Havasi KuBeliever, a song which talks about how people demoralise and discourage others to pursue various careers in life.

Hondo Inopera is an inspirational piece that reminds people that no matter the challenges one goes through, difficulties can be overcome with perseverance.

The album also carries two gospel tracks in Amen Alleluia and Ishe Wangu.Linky Money has three videos and is working on videos for the current album.

The 22-year-old creative is optimistic of the future, based on the feedback he is getting from stakeholders.

"I am happy with the support I'm getting from fans through positive responses on my social media platforms where l am marketing my music.

"I am hugely indebted to my family which has been very supportive since I started music in 2012," he said

He decried lack of support for artists from small towns and called upon government to avail funds to support grassroot artists.

Linky Money also challenged broadcasters to create space for upcoming artists from small communities like Banket, to have easy access to the airwaves.

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