Pindi Park Workers Face Uncertainty After White Farmer's Death


FARM labourers at Pindi Park farm in Banket say they face an uncertain future following the recent death of its owner, Robin Smith.

The farmer-cum-politician passed on last week aged 82.

Some of late Smith's employees confided in this publication that the future was bleak without the octogenarian ex-Zvimba Rural District Council Ward 31 councillor.

They described the late former Zanu PF councillor as a passionate and caring person who always strived to make a difference in people's lives, particularly that of his employees.

"We have lost a father and friend in him. Smith was loving to us and always went the extra mile to ensure that as workers we were living comfortably. 

Life will never be the same without him, besides our jobs are not guaranteed anymore," said Idah Kamamuna.

Fears of losing jobs are ringing loud in the minds of the late Smith's workers as the property has long been at the centre of controversy, with top Zanu PF politicians trying to elbow the late elderly white farmer.

Also, the workers predict Smith's surviving children, who last week temporarily barred mourners from attending the late farmer's funeral, could throw them into joblessness.

"We are afraid of losing our jobs. Since our boss is late someone might come and grab the farm. We appeal to Smith's sons, if ever they are going to run this farm, that they should take a cue from their father who treated us fairly and with dignity," said John Saini.

Other farm workers who spoke to NewsAnchor said their anxiety was heightened after being barred from attending late Smith's funeral by his sons who are heirs to the farm.

"I am pained that during his life, Smith would allow us to see him at his farm house anytime of the day, but today we are being locked outside the gate by his sons. This is something which Robin wouldn't be happy with if he were here.

"His sons are totally different from him as Robin treated us humanely and never segregated anyone. We are not sure about our future here," a distraught Isaac Banda said.

A private family funeral service was conducted last week, where only a selected few black people were allowed while hordes of farm workers and 

Zvimba RDC councillors, as well as chief executive Aeneas Chidakwa, were locked outside the farm house. 

They were later permitted to witness the final burial of the man who served as councillor for nearly 35 years. 

(PICTURES: TOP:Some of the employees wait patiently outside the farm house to be allowed entry to attend Smith's funeral proceedings, last week. 

BOTTOM: The funeral proceedings during Smith's burial at Pindi Park farm in Banket, Mashonanaland West province)

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